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Building a Wet Bar

Here's some help with your new wet bar

From Universal Appliance and Kitchen Center


Think of what you need for a wet bar. You need a bar area. That implies cabinets with storage for glasses and bar supplies. And if you want it to be “wet” it needs a working faucet and sink. Depending on your habits, you'll probably want a beverage center and/or a wine cooler of some kind. It's also possible you'll want to substitute or add a beer cooler. Finally, many wet bars include built-in icemakers.

Here are some bar examples and some of the options that Universal Appliance and Kitchen Center can provide. The below “wet” bar is not a wet bar at all since it has no sink. It's entirely possible there is no water connection at all, but it does have a wine unit, and appears to have separate beverage storage also.

Universal Appliance and Kitchen Center (UAKC) has a large selection of both wine coolers and beverage centers from entry-level up to luxury units.

Though we can't see all of the above wet bar, it clearly has a bar sink and faucet. It also looks as if it has a built-in dishwasher on the right with a cabinet panel, another nice touch for a wet bar if there is room.

The wet bar below fits in a compact space, but is well equipped with wet bar sink and faucet in the center, a Viking icemaker on the left and a Viking wine unit on the right.

Whether it's just a wine unit and beverage cooler, or extended to include a complete set-up with sink, faucet, icemaker, and beer dispenser, UAKC can help. Call or visit the experts at Universal Appliance and Kitchen Center for help in providing the appliances and plumbing fixtures for your new bar.




December 04, 2014
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