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La Cornue has brought exquisite French style to the kitchen appliance world, with its flagship CornuFe range renowned as an impeccable marriage of classic style and modern features.

For over 100 years, La Cornue’s primary offerings are cooking ranges, with the CornuFe as a particularly popular model. CornuFe ranges feature timeless and beautiful style with all the functions you’d expect from a modern cooking range, and are available in a wide range of colors to help you find the perfect match for your kitchen. With so many choices available, a CornuFe range is all but guaranteed to fit your kitchen aesthetic.

La Cornue’s company philosophy is focused on finding the perfect combination of modern and traditional styles. The manufacturer considers itself grounded, yet forward-thinking and traditional, yet cutting-edge. That idea is brought to life perfectly with the CornuFe. The range’s beautiful exterior exudes luxurious and artistic flair, while the appliance itself boasts powerful modern capabilities. The company’s ultimate goal is to please the customer, and the power of the CornuFe is sure to impress.

For gorgeous, luxury style and impressive modern features, consider Le Cornue’s CornuFe ranges. United Appliance and Kitchen Center boasts a great selection of Le Cornue appliances, bringing impressive power and luxury style to your kitchen.