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For many, the laundry room is the operational cleaning center of the home. To make your laundry room great, you’ll want to fill it with the best washer and dryer you can find. If you’re looking for great laundry appliances guaranteed to impress, consider the selection at Universal Appliance and Kitchen Center.

Washers come in a range of styles and designs perfect for every home. Top load washers and front load washers both provide great capabilities for good value, while high efficiency top load washers offer exceptional quality and style. You can even find portable washers perfect for small homes and apartments.

If you need a great dryer, both electric front load and gas front load dryers are strong choices. And for small spaces, you can always invest in a portable dryer. For a great space-saving option, consider investing in a washer/dryer combination setup. You can even find combination washer dryers that offer washing and drying functions in one appliance. To keep up with maintenance, or make customizations, you’ll definitely want to research some laundry accessories.

Universal Appliance and Kitchen Center is here to meet all your laundry needs. We offer a huge selection of the best laundry appliances and accessories from the most trusted brands, providing the perfect choices for your home.