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4 Key Considerations When Placing a Laundry Set

4 Key Considerations When Placing a Laundry Set

Buying new appliances is always an exciting time, and it’s easy to get carried away. But, before you commit to purchasing a new laundry set, it’s a great idea to plan where you will place your washer and dryer first. After all, these two appliances have certain needs, and placing them in the wrong spot could make them less efficient and have a detrimental effect on the smooth running of your home. In this article, we will look at four key considerations to make before you place your laundry set.

  1. The Floor

The laundry set location needs to have a level floor to protect your new appliances against vibrations, shaking, and lateral movement. When appliances are moving in these ways, they can be easily damaged, leading to a hefty repair bill. Modern appliances usually have leveling feet to correct any imperfections on the floor. But, if your floor is really uneven, you may struggle to get the appliances level enough to meet your needs. If you want to sort your laundry on the floor and your garage only has a dirt floor, you cannot use that location.

2. Noise Levels

Even if you purchase a high quality washer and dryer set and you site it correctly on an even floor, they will still make some noise. So, it’s a good idea to place your laundry set in a location with a door that you can close when the appliances are operating. If you don’t have much space for a full size door, consider using a bi-fold or pocket door instead. The last thing you want is a laundry set near where you sleep, work, or watch TV. Adding some insulation is certainly possible to cut down on the noise levels, but it only goes so far. Of course, if you get your laundry out of the way before anyone is relaxing in the home, this is no longer an issue.

3. Adequate Ventilation

A washer and dryer set will need adequate ventilation, or you may be risking a fire in your home. Another problem is that a dryer set will generate a great deal of heat and moisture. Without adequate ventilation, you may find that mold and mildew growth will be promoted in and around your new appliances. For these reasons, the best location is along an exterior wall when installing your new washer and dryer. This will allow easy access to the exterior of your home for the run and vent. Some builders may skip a vent if the laundry room has a window, but it’s better to have vent even if you have a window.

4. Ease of Use

There is little point in purchasing a new washer and dryer set if it’s hard to access and use when you need it most. Bear in mind that laundry requires carrying, lifting, and sorting tasks. You need to ensure that your laundry set is placed in a practical location, and that goes for both appliances. Although it may be possible to install your laundry set in the kitchen, will you have to negotiate stairs every time you want to do laundry? Try to streamline the laundry process as much as possible with careful placement, and laundry day will go far easier for everyone.

If you can keep these four key considerations in mind before you purchase your new laundry set, you will be better prepared. Finding the perfect spot may require some careful thinking, but placing it in the wrong area can make doing laundry an annoying chore.

If you’re considering a new laundry set, you can explore your options with this laundry appliance collection, or speak to a member of our team for further help.

December 10, 2020
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