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Selecting New Appliances at

How to select your appliances from

First go to This is the website for Universal Appliance and Kitchen Center, Southern California's best appliance retailer. You'll see a web page that looks like this:

UAKC Website


1. Save on closeouts.

Click on the closeout box currently labeled YEAR END CLEARANCE and you will be taken to this site to view the clearance page:

UAKC Clearance Page

Be forewarned. If there is something you see here that you like and the price is really good – ORDER IMMEDIATELY. Since these are clearance items, the quantities are limited so order immediately or risk being disappointed.

2. Special prices on full kitchens.

If you're doing a complete kitchen, you'll want to check out the available appliance packages. Many appliance brands offer rebates and discounts for a complete kitchen purchase. You can save up to several thousand dollars for a full kitchen.

UAKC Kitchen Packages


3. Current manufacturer rebates and discounts.

Before closing down your computer and rushing to Universal Appliance and Kitchen Center you may wish to check for factory rebates and discounts.

UAKC Factory Rebates

Follow the steps above and you're sure to find the best selection and the lowest prices on appliances and plumbing fixtures in Southern California. Now, just call or hurry down to Universal Appliance and Kitchen Center:

NOW, two locations to serve you – Calabasas and Studio City:

Universal Appliance

Universal Appliance and Kitchen Center

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November 26, 2012
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