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Choosing a room airconditioner can be a daunting task. Not only are their a host of different room air conditioner sizes, but there are also many configurations. Universal Appliance and Kitchen Center (UAKC) carries two great brands of room air units, Soleus Air and Freidrich. Between these two brands UAKC can handle almost every room air conditioner requirement. Here are the basic types of air conditioning units.



Portable Air Conditioner


Portable Air Conditioners are…well, they’re portable. They’re on wheels and they can be moved from room to room. When you just need something to provide a cool breeze over you while you’re reading a book, this small unit might just do the job.

Window units.



Window air conditioner

Some room air conditioners are designed to fit in a window. They usually have expandable panels on the sides to accomodate different window sizes. A special version of window air conditioners are casement units. These are vertically oriented air conditioners designed to fit in casement windows.

110v versus 220v

Small air conditioners will work on 110v. and plug into standard wall receptacles. Bigger units operate on 220v and need separate 220v circuits.

Cool only and Heat/Cool


Heat and cool air conditioner

While many room air conditioners are designed to provide air conditioning for a room that has central heating, there are also room air conditioners made for room additions that are both heat and cool units. They provide cool air on hot days, and when the temperature drops, electric strip heaters turn on and the fan blows warm air into the room.

Heat Pump 110v and 220v

Air conditioners that are designed to run in reverse can heat as well as cool. They can be extremely energy efficient. They provide heat as long as the outside temperature doesn’t drop below the low 40’s. Some units have electric heat strips that kick in when outside temperatures become too low for the heat pump to operate.

Split Systems

Split systems are air conditioners that have the cooling coils and the fan located inside the home, and the compressor and condenser located outside. These units run quietly and provide the advantage of not requiring a window or large opening in the wall.

Whatever your air conditioning needs, the professionals at Universal Appliance and Kitchen Center can help. Call or visit today for expert help on major appliances and plumbing fixtures.

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September 13, 2014
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