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Dishwasher Wars: Bosch, Miele, and GE Monogram

New Premium Dishwashers mean YOU WIN

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The year 2014 has barely begun and 3 high end dishwasher manufacturers are out there promoting their new dishwashers. While Bosch is touting a dishwasher lineup featuring several models with third racks, Miele has launched a professional dishwasher for the home, with fast cycle times of less than 30 minutes. The new GE Monogram has its own soundtrack that, fitting a luxury brand, plays piano music when it turns on or off.

All these great new dishwashers from luxury brands signal competition that is heating up, and that means Universal Appliance and Kitchen Center (UAKC) has sizzling promotions from the top dishwasher manufacturers in the industry. UAKC will help you get a great dishwasher and save you money at the same time! Read below to learn more about these dishwashers direct from Kitchen and Bath Business magazine.


Bosch Dishwasher

Bosch Dishwasher

Bosch has introduced its next generation dishwasher line, which includes a third rack on more models, European-inspired designs and quiet performance. By incorporating a third rack, approximately 30 percent more loading area is offered while also providing increased flexibility. The V-shaped third rack allows room for long-stemmed wine glasses on the second rack, while the center provides space for large items and cooking utensils. The new dishwashers are offered with four design options including a recessed handle, bar handle, flush handle and custom panel. To ensure minimal noise, Bosch’s 800 Plus dishwasher registers a 38dBA performance in normal operation, along with a TimeLight feature to alert users about the time remaining. The new 800 Plus dishwashers range in price from $1,449 – $2,099.


Miele Dishwasher

Miele Dishwasher

Miele’s Professional dishwasher, model G8050i, was developed in response to requests from designers and consumers for a fast, commercial-grade dishwasher that would replicate the integrated design of the company’s residential models that accept a custom cabinet door panel. The unit has cycle times of less than 30 minutes and has six programs, including an express, economy, normal, china and crystal program and a unique beer glass program as well as a rinse. It also can be configured with or without Miele’s third-level, separate cutlery tray.

GE Monogram

GE Monogram Dishwasher

GE Monogram Dishwasher

The new Monogram dishwasher from GE was designed for the senses, yet delivers on performance as well. In addition to its cleaning technology, the new appliance features its own soundtrack. For the past two years, GE’s Industrial Design Operation has created unique sonic palettes for each of the company’s four appliance brands. For Monogram appliances, the company composed a classical piano number. The audio can be heard when turning the dishwasher on or off and receiving notifications. The units also include jets specially designed to clean the insides of wine glasses, champagne flutes, sports bottles and other hard-to-reach glassware. The new GE Monogram dishwasher (model ZDT870SSF) retails for $1,799 and will be available in February 2014.

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January 22, 2014
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