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New Dacor Touch Control Gas Cooktop

Dacor Continues Hi-Tech Appliance Launches

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Last Year Dacor Introduced an internet enabled wall oven (see below). Now, they have launched a gas cooktop with electronic touch controls. Touch controls are commonplace on electric cooktops, ranges, and ovens. However, Dacor’s new Discovery® 36″ Gas TouchTop™ is an industry first.

There are several benefits to touch controls. In addition to the attractive smoother look of touch controls, cleanability is greatly improved. Of course, electronics offer added features not available with knobs such as safety locks to prevent accidental use – a handy feature if there are children around. Another major enhancement with Dacor’s controls is the PreciseCook™ timers’ ability to pre-program stop times on each burner. Not only does this timer help save energy it also prevents overcooked meals.

Other features on the Dacor Discovery® 36″ Gas TouchTop™ include Dacor’s exclusive Perma-Flame™ technology which automatically re-ignites any burner which unexpectedly goes out, and SmartFlame™ technology that reduces contact between the flame and grates which helps improve longevity.

This is the latest in Dacor’s long history of innovation, and follows last year’s introduction of the Dacor Discovery iQTM Wall Oven.

With another industry first, Dacor’s Discovery iQTM Wall Oven blends technology and performance to deliver a unique cooking experience. The integrated and intuitive Android™ interface provides home chefs with access to the proprietary Dacor iQ Cooking App. Now even novice chefs can perform at expert levels with a simple swipe of a finger. Easy to use control features such as Guided Cooking, Quick Start and My Modes ensure that favorite dishes are conveniently cooked to perfection.

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June 02, 2014
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