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Buying a New Dishwasher


Choose the RIGHT Dishwasher for your needs.

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4 Dishwasher Buying Tips

A customer was shopping for a new dishwasher at the big chain home improvement store. A dishwasher priced at $399 was next to another dishwasher priced at $499. He asked the sales associate, “What's the difference?” The orange aproned salesperson replied with a smirk, “A hundred dollars”. Funny, but sad. How helpful is that kind of answer when you're investing hundreds of dollars on a product that you hope to have for 10 or more years?

  1. The first tip in buying a new dishwasher is to work with appliance specialists. Don't expect to get expert advice on appliances from a salesperson who also sells tools, lumber, lawn and garden supplies, and light bulbs. At Universal Appliance and Kitchen Center (UAKC) you'll receive expert help from appliance professionals. The associates at UAKC are factory trained and have years of appliance sales experience.

  2. Assess your needs. Spend some time thinking about what you want in a dishwasher. A person who lives alone, doesn't entertain, and eats most of his or her meals in a restaurant will need a vastly different dishwasher than the head of household for a family of 6 who entertains regularly, serves food on fine china, and uses premium glassware.

  3. Consider water consumption and energy savings. A dishwasher with a higher initial cost may in fact have a lower lifetime cost than a cheaper dishwasher that uses more electricity and more water.

  4. Compare features and benefits of different models and assess their value for your specific circumstance. A whisper quiet dishwasher might be more important if you have an open kitchen where friends and family gather versus a 50's style home with the kitchen separate from dining and entertainment areas.

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Universal Appliance and Kitchen Center has dishwashers covering the gamut from the basic entry-level products to luxury dishwashers designed for America's finest, most elegant kitchens. Selection varies from the popularly priced brands such as Frigidaire, GE, Maytag, and Whirlpool to premium dishwasher brands like Bosch and KitchenAid, and on to luxury dishwashers such as Gaggenau and Miele.

Visit Universal Appliance and Kitchen Center today for help in selecting your new dishwasher or other fine appliances, and plumbing fixtures.

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June 03, 2014
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