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New Zephyr Verona Hoods

Zephyr Hoods at Universal Appliance and Kitchen Center

Ventilation is no longer an afterthought or just a functional necessity. The folks at Zephyr make vents that are not only among the best performing hoods in the industry, but also are arguably the most beautiful. Take a look at the Verona Hoods that can change color. Read what Zephyr has to say about this innovative hood below:



Verona Island or Verona Wall

Verona is topped with a straight glass canopy that also serves as an ambiance setting LED display. Select the Cloud White, Deep Blue and Amber color options to best match your kitchen’s décor, or choose the Demo mode that displays all three settings in 10-second intervals. A Next Generation Europa model, Verona includes Zephyr’s DCBL Suppression System™ with Bloom™ HD LED light bulbs and LCD display controls.

Verona Wall 30″ or 36, Verona Island 36″ or 42″ size. 715 cfm vertical ducting or recirculating


  • ZRC-00VN: Recirculating Kit
  • Z1C-00VN: Extension Duct Cover Kit
  • MUA00xA: Universal Make-Up Air Dampers
  • Wall Cap Inlet, Round
  • Wall Cap Exhaust, Round
  • Wall Cap Exhaust, Rectangular
  • Roof Cap Exhaust, J-Vent
  • Tapered Reducer
  • Back Draft Damper

DCBL Suppression System

DCBL Suppression System™ is the industry’s first range hood motor powered by direct current (DC) energy. An evolutionary step from the traditional AC powered range hood, all Next Generation Europa range hoods with DCBL Suppression™ provide unparalleled performance and features.

Features like, Bloom™ HD LED light bulbs, the industry’s first dimmable LED bulbs and an on-board computer that actively optimizes your range hood’s performance.

This technology package has been pioneered by Zephyr engineers, certified by UL testing authorities and reinforces Zephyr’s leadership in the range hood market. This powerful combination of technology delivers the MOST forcefully silent range hoods that are also the most energy efficient.

* We are proud at Zephyr to announce the industry's first Airflow Control Technology (ACT); an exclusive technology included in all DCBL Suppression System™ range hoods. ACT allows the installer to change the maximum blower CFM from 715 to 590, 440 or 290 to meet local code requirements.

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September 27, 2013
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