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What's Your Appliance Style?

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UAKC has appliances for all styles

Everybody has a style. In home exteriors some folks like Colonial, while others like Ranch Style, and yet others prefer Craftsmen style homes. That’s just the beginning. Think of Georgian, Queen Anne, Greek Revival, Modern, Cottage style, etc. Similarly their are interior design styles. So, it should come as no surprise that appliances are also available in different styles. Whatever your preference, Universal Appliance and Kitchen Center (UAKC), has the appliances to fit your style and your budget. Here are some of your options.

If we categorize appliances by color alone, we’d miss the largest of all appliance categories which is not a color at all, but a finish – Stainless Steel. However, more than just a color or a finish, is the overall “look” or style of appliances. For example, while stainless steel is a finish, there are stainless steel appliances that have big bulky knobs and large dowel type handles, that have an industrial or restaurant feel. These appliances are usually referred to as Professional Style appliances.

Sub Zero Pro 48

Sub Zero Pro 48

On the other hand, there are appliances that have a very sleek, minimalist look. They are often flush with the surrounding cabinets. This look is very popular in luxury European kitchens, so lets call these appliances Euro-Style. There is also a recent trend towards appliances that are built with a Retro-Style. These appliances may be designed to replicate the appliances of old, or they may in fact be appliances that have been around for a long time and have stuck with their traditional appearance such as the AGA or La Cornue appliance brands.

AGA Cooker

AGA Cooker

GE has launched some appliance suites in specific styles for certain lifestyle groups. There is the GE Cafe’ lineup that looks like…well it looks like it might belong in a Cafe’. Then, there is the GE Artistry series, that is both retro and trendy, and designed to appeal to young urbanites.

GE Artistry Series

GE Artistry Series Refrigerator

GE Cafe Appliances

GE Café Appliances

Whirlpool feels that it might be time for a refresh of the traditional white and black appliance colors so they have recently introduced the Ice Collection in both white and black. These appliances have a shiny white or black finish, with silver/stainless accents. The nice thing about this lineup is that it can be purchased as a complete suite or one at a time, since the white or black will go nicely with other white or black appliances in the kitchen even if they are not part of the Ice Collection.

Whirlpool Black Ice Collection

Whirlpool Black Ice Collection

Whatever your personal appliance style is, Universal Appliance and Kitchen Center can help find the right appliances for your style or budget. Call or visit the professionals at UAKC today.

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March 02, 2014
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