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Placement of Wall Ovens

Finding the Ideal Location for Your Wall Oven

Many customers spend hours on the internet, and in showrooms researching wall ovens for their new kitchen. Should it be a single oven, double oven, or combination oven/microwave? Is convection important? What about steam? HOLD ON!! First things first! You need to have a kitchen layout, before you begin the selection process. Where will the oven or ovens be located, and are you going to have the requisite power available?

Not too high nor too low, but just right for YOU.

Unfortunately, wall ovens too often get placed either too high or too low for convenient operation. Since it’s a new installation, why should you settle? You don’t want an oven control panel so high that you need to be on your tiptoes to operate it. Nor do you want one so low that your back goes into spasms every time you place an item on the lower rack. Take a moment before deciding on the perfect oven to find the perfect location for the oven.

New oven designs are available so that you can also choose among traditional drop down oven doors, side swing doors, or even French doors. Click below for blogs covering:

Appliance trends

French door and side swing ovens

Would one of these new options work well for you?

Here are a few choices to consider:

  1. Microwaves are now often finding new places to fit in the kitchen. Counter height is ideal, but not always practical. Undercounter is now popular, especially with the new motorized drawer models like the Sharp below. Some over-the-range microwaves, such as the Jenn-Air below now have controls located at the bottom where they’re easier to see and reach.


  2. Steam convection ovens usually have a compact footprint and can be located where a microwave might fit. Some of them even operate on 120v.

  3. Full-sized single ovens can usually be placed under a counter top, and are popular where universal design is a consideration. However, these can be really inconvenient because of all the bending involved, and could have visibility issues and difficult to read controls. Look for a height that is convenient to access both the oven cavity and oven controls. Maybe a side swing door would work well. Below is a Miele oven very nicely installed at waist level.

Now, that you’ve been thinking about where your oven, microwave, steam oven, etc. might be located, it’s probably a good time to visit Universal Appliance and Kitchen Center. Their experts can give you professional help selecting the perfect major appliances and plumbing fixtures for your home.

Two locations to serve you – Calabasas and Studio City:

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October 20, 2014
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