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Thinking about a trash compactor?


Should you buy a trash compactor?

Trash compactor

Trash compactors first became popular in the 70's. Today, trash compactors are part of the lineup for most appliance manufacturers. The pros of buying a trash compactor include: 1) the convenience of having fewer trips taking the trash out, and 2) the benefit of a smaller footprint at our waste disposal sites by compressing your trash 5 times. However, there is the thought that recycle bins are more environmentally helpful. It's worth pointing out that these solutions are not mutually exclusive. In fact, if you typically recycle, you might consider using a compactor exclusively for recyclables.

How trash compactors work.

Trash compactors have a powerful motor that will compress trash as much as 5:1 when activated, compressing loose contents into a small package. Typically, compactors will fit in a standard depth 24″ deep cabinet, and at 34 1/2″ tall will fit nicely under a standard 36″ countertop. The most common width is 15″. Most compactors also have a deodorizer or charcoal filter.

Universal Appliance and Kitchen Center can help.

UAKC sells all the major trash compactor brands, as well as the premium and luxury brands, from the popularly priced Whirlpool brand to a luxury Viking brand compactor and everything in between. One super-premium brand, Jenn-Air has just launched a new compactor. Below are the details on Jenn-Air's new compactor:

Jenn-Air Trash Compactor

Efficiently reduce your trash by up to 80% with the Jenn-Air® Trash Compactor. It's equipped with Anti-Jam and Tilt Sensors for smooth operation on large waste products.

  • 5:1 Compaction Ratio Using Compress Option
  • Anti-Jam and Tilt Sensors
  • Fully Integrated Console
  • 1.4 Cu. Ft. Drawer Capacity
  • Fan with Charcoal Filter
  • Heavy-Duty Zinc-Coated Frame and Drawer
  • Built-In Under Counter Installation

For all your major appliance and decorative plumbing fixture needs call or visit the experts at Universal Appliance and Kitchen Center today.

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July 07, 2016
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