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The BEST place for major appliances and plumbing fixtures

Why Universal Appliance and Kitchen Center is YOUR best choice

If you’re doing your due diligence on where to purchase new appliances and plumbing fixtures, you should consider Universal Appliance an Kitchen Center (UAKC). Here’s why:

The Other Guys

Southern California has its fair share of appliance showrooms. Some focus exclusively on esoteric products, and have luxurious, look-but-don’t-touch showrooms. They make you feel as if you need to present your credentials before entering.

At the other extreme, you may want to think twice about appliance retailers that advertise with tag lines that say “New and Used” or “We Take Trade-Ins.” Just as risky, is going to the big box stores where sales associates wear aprons and sell light-bulbs, and garden supplies along with appliances, and plumbing supplies.

The UAKC Difference


UAKC does have very nice showrooms (see video below) in great locations. Expect live appliance vignettes, and beautiful designer displays, as well as rows of gleaming appliances. No matter your interests, you’re always going to feel at home at UAKC. Even if they don’t have valet parking (lol), you’re sure to be greeted with a smile by a knowledgable sales associate. At UAKC, you’ll find a host of luxury brands such as Wolf, Sub Zero, Viking, Thermador, Miele, etc. available for the most refined and discerning tastes. In additon, you’ll also find on display top mass brands such as GE, Frigidaire, Whirlpool, and more.

This is a signature feature at UAKC. They’ll work hard to match your wishes and desires, with brands and products that perfectly fit your specific needs and circumstances. Whether you’re outfitting a new home, doing a remodel, or just replacing an old appliance, Universal Appliance and Kitchen Center is there for you. After all, the UAKC tagline is:

We Care about You!

click on link above, “We Care about You” for brief UAKC video

Call or visit Universal Appliance and Kitchen Center today for unsurpassed service, availability, and the best prices available on major appliances and plumbing fixtures.

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November 09, 2014
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