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The New Liebherr Integrated 30" Refrigerator

A new fully integrated 30-in. single door refrigerator-freezer combination has been introduced by Liebherr. The 1500 series (models HCB 1560 and HC 1540) is a unique product in the industry filling an important niche for consumers who are space restricted, but still desiring a luxury refrigerator. Ideal for the luxury loft, condo, or apartment, the HC 1540 model does not require a water connection for the icemaker, which incorporates a removable 1.5-liter internal water tank for replenishing water used to produce ice cubes.

Liebherr’s patented BioFresh system provides the perfect climate for keeping your foods fresh longer and makes a substantial contribution to a healthy diet. With the temperature maintained at just above freezing and at an ideal humidity level, fruit, vegetables, meat and fish retain their vitamins and minerals, delicate flavor and attractive appearance for up to three times longer than in a normal refrigerator.

Different kinds of food need to be stored in different conditions to keep their freshness. The low humidity DrySafe is ideal for storing meat, fish and dairy products. Fruit and vegetables are best kept in the HydroSafe with a high level of humidity.

The Dual Refrigeration System with 2 compressors creates optimal conditions in both the Refrigerator and Freezer. Separate silent cooling systems ensure accurate temperature and humidity control. Ice-cold dry air circulates in the Freezer section, while the Refrigerator maintains cool moist air, thus sealing in vitamins and safeguarding food.

This technology also preserves the flavor and texture of foods since there is no transfer of unwanted air, moisture or food aroma between the two compartments, giving advanced food protection. Advantageously, with NoFrost combinations, ice does not form in the appliance and therefore defrosting is no longer necessary. Quite simply, having a Dual Refrigeration preserves food much more effectively.

Liebherr’s IceMaker, which is permanently plumbed in on the HCB1560, provides you with just the right supply of perfect ice cubes for every occasion. The drawer will hold all the ice you’ll need and keep your supplies topped up. Unlike competitive products, Liebherr uses a twist tray principle which does not preheat the ice tray before dropping the ice cubes into the bin. This prevents ice cubes from sticking together. With Liebherr's Dual Refrigeration technology, there is no air transfer between the refrigerator and freezer compartments, so your ice cubes will never take on food odors.

Liebherr has included their luxurious light columns in the HCB1560. These LED lights are integrated into both sides of the compartment liner in the HCB1560. Inside the columns that do double duty as shelf supports, are numerous LED-Lights, ensuring a uniform illumination of the interior. The covers have a special satin finish which creates an eye-pleasing elegant lighting ambience. Thanks to their sleek, smooth contours, the two light columns allow the glass shelves to be rearranged without being fully removed and blend harmoniously with the interior.

Prefer to have a built-in look with cabinet panels? Liebherr offers a fully Integrated option completely flush and hidden behind cabinetry doors in a 24″ depth configuration. These new refrigerators are Star K certified, and like all Liebherr refrigerators, Energy Star rated.


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July 24, 2012
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