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When is the best time to buy appliances?

Should You Wait for Black Friday?

Shop Early at Universal Appliance and Kitchen Center

Here's a recommendation. Suppose you have a need for an appliance. Your existing appliance isn't working or you're moving next week and have to get appliances for your new place. By all means don't wait. Call or visit Universal Appliance and Kitchen Center (UAKC) today. It just doesn't make sense to postpone getting an appliance that you need now, for the off chance that you'll find the exact product that suits your needs on sale during Black Friday. The experts at UAKC can certainly point you in the right direction today.

Also, if you have already settled on the brand and model numbers that you want, don't hesitate. Head over to UAKC and get the best deal. Waiting just doesn't make sense. Black Friday Specials are just that – Specials. It's highly unlikely that the carefully selected specific models you've chosen from thousands of possibilities will magically appear as Black Friday Specials. For example, KitchenAid makes great dishwashers, but they have LOTS of models. If the one below just happened to be the one you've selected, Bravo! But, if you're stuck on a different feature set, are you going to settle for a model that you don't want just because it is a Black Friday Special?


On the other hand, if you are an opportunistic buyer willing to jump for a deal when you see it, and don't mind waiting a couple of weeks, it probably won't hurt to wait for Black Friday. Here's why:

Reasons to wait for Black Friday:

  1. You can't lose. If you just want to see what's up, and you don't mind the traffic, you might save some money on a manufacturer's Black Friday Special.

  2. If you're not picky on features or brands, there's a good chance the folks at Universal Appliance and Kitchen Center will be able to help you save money on Black Friday. They really know their stuff, and they can tell you right away what the best deals are.

  3. If you have a future need that you can anticipate, Black Friday might be for you. Suppose your washer and dryer are a bit old. They're working OK, but you're hearing some strange noises when they're running. Maybe there's a new front load laundry pair in your future. This is an instance when we'd definitely recommend that you check with UAKC for a Black Friday washer and dryer opportunity.


One thing is for sure, whether you need to get your appliances on order today, or whether you'd rather wait and see what Black Friday brings, you'll find the best values on major appliances and plumbing fixtures at University Appliance and Kitchen Center.

Two locations to serve you – Calabasas and Studio City:

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November 06, 2014
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