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How Long Do Appliances Last?

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When should I replace a major appliance?

Seems like an easy question to answer doesn't it? There is a chart below that shows the average life of appliances, but there really is much more that you should know, to decide if it is time for you to replace an appliance.

The chart below shows the average life of appliances by category. So, if a refrigerator has an average life span of 13 years that means that some refrigerators last 20 years or more and others don't last past 5 years. There are many reasons for this.

  1. Some users maintain their appliances better than others. When was the last time you brushed the dust off your refrigerator condenser coils?
  2. Some owners simply use their appliances more often than others. Some dishwashers get used nearly every day, and others only once a week.
  3. Some brands and appliance models are built to last longer. Research your purchase to get the most durable appliance you can.
  4. There is a law of averages at work here. There is no way you can tell for sure whether any individual appliance will break down before or after its average life expectancy date.

Of course, sometimes perfectly good refrigerators get “retired” because homeowners want to replace them with the latest and greatest models. Maybe they can justify a new purchase by moving the old unit up to their cabin, or give it to a son or daughter who is just starting out.

Also, homeowners may choose to replace a refrigerator because they don't want to pay the cost of repair, figuring that to invest another $200 or more in repairing a 10 year old refrigerator isn't worth it.

Older refrigerators are energy hogs, and there has been a strong movement to get people to replace them with Energy Saving refrigerators. In fact, it makes good financial sense to replace a refrigerator that costs $100 a year to run with one that only costs $50-$60 a year to operate.


Appliance Avg. Life (yrs.)
Refrigerator 13 yrs.
Washer 10 yrs.
Dryer 13 yrs.
Elec. Range 13 yrs.
Gas Range 15 yrs.
Cooktop 13 yrs.
Oven 16 yrs.
Microwave 9 yrs.
Vent Hood 14 yrs.
Dishwasher 9 yrs.
Disposer 12 yrs.
Freezer 11 yrs.
Water Heater G. 10 yrs.
Water Heater E. 11 yrs.

So there are many reasons to get new appliances rather than wait for the old ones to break down. However, if you do have an appliance that is giving you trouble, you may wish to call the folks at Universal Appliance and Kitchen Center to schedule service. They cover much of the L.A. Soucal area. You can reach them at:

Toll Free (800) 387-2011

On the other hand, if you are convinced it's time to give up on the old clunker and replace it with a new energy efficient model, then call or visit Universal Appliance and Kitchen Center for help with your new purchase:

Universal Appliance and Kitchen Center
12025 Ventura Blvd. Ste B-105
Studio City, CA 91604
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September 10, 2012
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