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Planning a kitchen remodel? Let's talk appliances.


A recent blog on kitchen remodel costs asked readers to report on their costs not including appliances. Basic costs came in as low as a few thousand dollars and a high of over $80,000 not including appliances.

Whether you are considering an Ikea job or a professional remodel for an Architectural Digest spread, we can offer some suggestions for appliances. Shop now and lock in models and prices early in the process. Too often appliances are not considered in the design process and costly mistakes occur. These errors can be avoided if buyers will consult on their appliances with the experts so that they have the proper electrical and gas supply lines in the right locations, dimensions are confirmed, and prices are locked in.

Spend some time with the experts at Universal Appliance and Kitchen Center to make your appliance selections, and purchase early in the process for the best prices.

Go to Universal Appliance and Kitchen Center in Studio City at 12050 Ventura Boulevard, PH 877 696-2982

April 08, 2012
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