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No Fingerprint Stainless Steel Appliances

Smudge-Proof™, Cleansteel™ or Clean Touch Steel™

Available on Frigidaire Gallery®, GE, or Miele Appliances

“No Fingerprint” Appliances at Universal Appliance and Kitchen Center

Stainless steel is the most desirable and most popular finish for kitchen appliances. In spite of its popularity, homemakers continue to complain about the need to constantly wipe and polish their stainless steel appliances to rid them of fingerprints.

Now, Frigidaire is promoting Smudge-Proof™ appliances on their Frigidaire Gallery® line of appliances. It's true. At last week's Design and Construction Week trade show in Las Vegas, the Frigidaire Gallery® display welcomed my oily fingers and despite several tries nary a fingerprint was visible. Here's Frigidaire's exact claim:

Frigidaire Gallery® offers an exclusive line of Smudge-Proof™ Stainless Steel kitchen appliances with a protective coating, making it effortless to keep your kitchen looking beautiful.

So, if you want to avoid the hassle of the most common complaint of stainless steel appliance owners consider Smudge-Proof™ Frigidaire Gallery® appliances.

GE Cleansteel™ Appliances

GE Cleansteel™

It's worth noting that GE has something called Cleansteel™ which is a laminate finish (except for ranges) with the look of stainless, but without the fingerprints. GE ranges with the Cleansteel™ designation are designed to match the Cleansteel™ refrigerators and dishwashers, but do not have the laminate coating, because the laminate will not stand up to the heat from a range. Here's GE's description of Cleansteel™:

The Look of Stainless Without the Fingerprints

You want to see your child's fingerpainting masterpieces displayed on the family refrigerator, not her fingerprints.

With CleanSteel, you get the look of a stainless steel refrigerator (and other appliances), without the fingerprints or the inability to hold magnets. And cleanup is a breeze. No special cleaners are required; just a damp cloth.

Miele Clean Touch Steel™

Miele Clean Touch Steel™

For luxury brand buyers, Miele offers appliances with Clean Touch Steel™. Here's what Miele says about this feature in their line:

Miele, the world’s largest family-owned appliance company, launches its new Chef Series microwave oven featuring Clean Touch Steel™ technology. Clean Touch Steel™ is a specially-treated steel that virtually eliminates fingerprints and scratches while letting the natural stainless steel shine through. “With Miele’s innovative Clean Touch Steel™, fingerprints vanish, and the oven wipes clean with a damp cloth, reducing the need for special polishes or potentially toxic chemicals in the home,” states Paul McCormack, Director of Public Relations for Miele.

Miele also makes Clean Touch Steel™ dishwashers and warming drawers.

As a precaution, carefully follow the manufacturer directions for cleaning these appliances. Since all of these finishes have some kind of coating, that means that unlike Stainless Steel, you will not be able to remove scratches with an abrasive pad or scratch removal kit.

For help in choosing the right appliance finish on the right brand of appliances contact the professionals at Universal Appliance and Kitchen Center today.

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February 08, 2014
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