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New Sinks at UAKC

New sinks with convenient features

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The new Peak series of sinks from Franke are of hand-fabricated quality. The design coordinates with Franke's other products, and the sinks feature drain covers that double the straining power while concealing the waste disposer or waste kit. The Peak series include an integral ledge that functions as either a shelf that raises the work surface or as bottom grid. The appearance is both modern and classic. Accessories include a pair of black polypropylene handles for Peak’s stainless-steel colander (PX-70S) and a cutting board (PX-40S) made of Iroko wood.



Offering an architectural edge, Blanco’s Modex kitchen sink workstation features a 3-in. profile that sits above the counter and offers ample task space because of the dual draining design and large, integrated cutting board. Spill preventions is an added benefit of the ledge. Composed of the company’s patented SILGRANIT II formula, the workstation resists heat, chips, scratches, and food acids and offers a shield against bacteria and dirt. Users can prep, cut and clean right on Modex, allowing the sink to perform double duty.

KWC America


Responding to the rising popularity of Universal Design in faucets, the new KWC America ONO touch light pro allows users to control volume and temperature remotely. This new concept in electronic faucet operation is a completely wireless, fully portable touch-operated control that can be positioned anywhere within the immediate environment of the faucet, up to 26 ft. away. Wherever the user decides to locate the control device, a magnet will keep it firmly in place until he or she decides to detach and relocate it. One of three, user-programmed, preset temperatures can be selected, each with a 100 percent flow rate. The device also has a colored light ring for an immediate visual cue for the temperature that has been selected.

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June 18, 2013
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