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Discover the Beauty of MicroSilk® Generation II Hydrotherapy

While MicroSilk® Hydrotherapy has been providing incredible health and beauty results, Jason designers and engineers continue to work advancing the technology. Jason Hydrotherapy is now pleased to announce the introduction of MicroSilk® Generation II which continues to provide the proven benefits of our original system and further enhances the experience in ways you are sure to love!

Cleaner Look!

Technology improvements in the creation of MicroSilk® have provided a cleaner look in the bath well. The new system now requires only one intake and one delivery port while simultaneously providing a thicker cloud of oxygen-rich MicroSilk®.

Reduced Maintenance!

Engineering advancements have eliminated need for a pre-filter and screen on the intake.

Quieter, Higher Performance!

MicroSilk® Generation II equipment is even quieter!

MicroSilk® Shower Wand Now Available!

Jason's latest MicroSilk® Shower Wand, designed to be inserted into the new MicroSilk® delivery port, allows the bather to direct oxygen-rich microbubbles to their face and upper body, while at the same time continuing to provide the bathwater with a MicroSilk® cloud. The MicroSilk® Shower Wand is a wonderful complement to every MicroSilk® experience.

As bathers have experienced the wonders of the newest hydrotherapy, MicroSilk®, many have remarked, “I wish I could put my whole face in it.” Well, guess what? NOW YOU CAN! Designed as an accessory to the Jason MicroSilk® Bath, the new hand-held MicroSilk® Shower Wand features a sleek chrome finish. Plus, it provides all the benefits of MicroSilk® to the bather’s face, scalp and upper body with the added convenience of its flexible 63”hose.

It's easy to use, too. You simply plug the wand into your MicroSilk® bath jet before turning on the system. Direct the wand where you want it to go, then turn on the system to begin a magical, microbubble-infused shower of oxygen-rich water. Nice!

Available on all forma® and Designer MicroSilk®, MicroSilk® AirMasseur® and MicroSilk® Whirlpool Hydrotherapy baths ordered beginning immediately for normal delivery.

Jason MicroSilk® Winter Special

The Jason MicroSilk® Winter Special for all forma® and Designer MicroSilk®, MicroSilk® AirMasseur® and MicroSilk® Whirlpool Hydrotherapy baths continues through March 31, 2013. Don't forget to take advantage of this Winter Special when ordering Generation II now until March 31.

For more information about about Jason Hydrotherapy for the bath, call or visit the experts at Universal Appliance and Kitchen Center.

NOW, two locations to serve you – Calabasas and Studio City:

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February 28, 2013
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