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KWC Faucets Featured at Universal Appliance and Kitchen Center


KWC Shower and Bath Fixtures, Kitchen Faucets, and More

Based in Switzerland, KWC is a leading manufacturer of plumbing fixtures worldwide. Universal Appliance and Kitchen Center is designated as a Destination Showroom for KWC products. Here are a few unique and distinctive products from KWC:

Pure, unadulterated pleasure

Some people like to stand in the shower and listen to the sound of rushing water or invigorate their senses. For others, the shower is a place where they find inspiration and fresh ideas. Then there are those who take a shower to make themselves ready to face the day ahead or wash away their worries at the end of it. However you use your shower, your faucet and the technology it contains should be able to satisfy all your bathroom and spa needs. That is why we not only focus on showering, we also offer a whole ShowerCulture, which allows you to design your very own shower experience. After all, there is only one thing that matters here: you.

The faceplate that cleans itself

The jetclean faceplate prevents limescale from building up on your kitchen spray and does some of your cleaning work for you. When water is flowing, the cone-shaped holes on the faceplate expand, dislodging any limescale deposits. The holes go back to their normal size when the water flow is switched off.

Programmed to suit your requirements

KWC ZOE touch light PRO is a faucet controlled using smart technology. It responds intuitively to a brief touch and is extremely easy to programme to suit your personal habits and needs. The round operating unit also features a light ring, which indicates the water temperature selected – so you can be sure that you have everything under control!

For more information on KWC, other decorative plumbing fixtures, or major appliances call or visit the nearest Universal Appliance and Kitchen Center today.

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June 14, 2016
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