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Ideas from Robern. Sensible aging in place bathrooms.


Make Great Decisions in Bathroom Projects at UAKC

Think about future needs when selecting bath vanities, cabinets, and etc.

Remodeling your Forever Home?

The experts at Universal Appliance and Kitchen Center have a great selection of vanities, cabinets, mirrors, bathroom lighting, and more for your new bathroom. Robern is a great brand choice and has some beautiful products that will work for you today, and forever. Aging-in-place is a design concept that recognizes your needs in the future will be different than they are today, and designs should work just as well for you twenty or thirty years from now as they do today. Here are some products from Robern that fit that description

Let's consider for example accessible cabinets like the Robern cabinets shown below:

Why shouldn't cabinets be wheel chair accessible like this. Thanks to Robern, these wall cabinets are beautiful as well as accessible. Sure, this style of bath cabinet may not be necessary today. But someday, you may be quite grateful to have them, and if not you certainly haven't sacrificed anything.

Similarly, wall cabinets should be designed for aging-in-place. I'm dying to get these cabinets. They slide-up and out of the way to open yet stay in place, reachable to close. Notice the adjustable shelves – another convenient feature to keep commonly used products nearby.

Mirrors with built in lighting are helpful to all of us, but they're especially helpful as the years go by and closeup vision wanes.

Even more helpful are magnifying mirrors. Again, this is something that's convenient for all of us, but even more so as the years pass.

With Robern's thoughtful and attractive designs, none of these products would ever be referred to as handicapped equipment. They work well for us during different life phases.

For all your decorative plumbing and major appliance needs call or visit the professionals at Universal Appliance and Kitchen Center today.

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June 17, 2016
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