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Jenn-Air Speed Cook Oven


Oven Quality Results – Three Times Faster

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Speed-Cook systems offer the best of both worlds. Delicious food, perfectly-cooked, browned and/or crisped in a fraction of the time it takes using conventional cooking methods. Here's how Jenn-Air does it:

This Jenn-Air built-in microwave oven features the comprehensive Speed-Cook system which combines the power and speed of microwave cooking with the heat and browning capabilities of true convection cooking and broiling. Sensor cooking modes automatically adjust cooking power to perfectly cook foods and a 4.3-inch full color menu-driven LCD display intuitively guides microwave settings.

Jenn-Air Built-In Microwave Oven with Speed-Cook, 30″


  • Jenn-Air 30’’ Microwave oven with speed cooking capability
  • 1.4 cubic ft oven capacity
  • 4.3 inch full color LCD display
  • Convection and microwave combination cooking
  • Convection fan, broil element, baking element give you perfect cooking results faster
  • Sensor cooking detects humidity released by food as it cooks to adjust the cooking time and power level for optimal results
  • Can be installed flush
  • 12 operating modes
  • This speed oven can also be combined with a convection oven – JMW3430DS

In addition to all these premium features, Jenn-Air has incorporated a few “bonus” features that are worth mentioning. A special variable “inverter” power feature allows users to melt or soften food such as butter or ice cream without starting the cooking process. In addition, the oven provides a steam option, ideal for vegetables (steam cooking accessory available).

This is a perfect example of a brand feature that needs to be explained or demonstrated by a trained expert like those at UAKC. You won't find products like this nor sales professionals able to help you make the best decision at the lumber yard/home store.

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June 10, 2016
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