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Appliance Packages that Look Great and Save Money

Reasons to Buy Appliance Packages

Universal Appliance and Kitchen Center Appliance Packages


Customers want to know whether it's a good idea to buy appliances in a package or if it's better to just buy them one at a time. It really depends on your individual situation. For example, suppose your old countertop microwave oven goes out and you need to replace it. Obviously, this situation hardly calls for replacing all your kitchen appliances. At the other extreme, if you're building a new house, it only makes sense to install a complete updated set of appliances in your new home.

You can certainly buy each appliance in your home separately and mix brands, but there are some very good reasons to buy a matching single brand kitchen package.

  1. A single brand and style will very likely give you a matched, integrated look. You could get very upset with a blue display on the controls of your oven accompanied by a green display on the built-in microwave above it – not to mention a bulky pro-style handle on your dishwasher and a sleek euro-style handle on the refrigerator. For some people, this wouldn't make a difference, but for others it would be a constant source of annoyance. It's great to have a unified look which not only ties the elements of your kitchen together, but also enhances resale value.

  2. A single brand kitchen can often save you a lot of money. Look for manufacturer rebates on multiple appliances or FREE goods with purchase such as a free dishwasher or a free vent hood with a full kitchen of one brand.

  3. Sometimes appliances are built to go together. Spending a lot of money on a big new energy saving washing machine, doesn't really work if you don't replace the 20 year old energy hog dryer. If you can wash your clothes in half the time, but the dryer can't dry as much as your washer can wash, you haven't really gained anything. Buy a matching pair.

At Universal Appliance and Kitchen Center you can get great great buys on appliance packages from name brands like GE, Whirlpool, Electrolux, and Thermador. Take a look at these examples of Viking, KitchenAid, and Jenn-Air appliances from our current promotion:

Kitchen Packages

Kitchen Packages

Click on the link below to check out additional appliance packages at UAKC:

UAKC Appliance Packages

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October 19, 2013
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