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Keeping food warm


Warming Drawers have become increasingly popular due to the great convenience of having a device whose primary purpose is to keep cooked food warm until it is ready to be served. Whether cooks need to keep some food warm while other food is being prepared, or whether dinner needs to be kept warm until the entire family is present and accounted for, these devices are a sensible and practical solution to having meals ready to be served when diners are ready to eat.


These temperature controlled drawers are designed to install easily in standard cabinetry under a counter or in a full depth wall cabinet along with a wall oven. Another location for warming drawers is in a butlers pantry. Some companies even make warming drawers that are rated for outdoor use, eg. Viking Outdoor.
Most full-line appliance manufacturers offer warming drawers that match their ovens and other appliances to complement their appearance in kitchen suites. Warming drawers may have additional features such as automatic shutoff, moisture control, and even slow-cooking (crockpot) capabilities (see KitchenAid). Temperatures range from a low of under 90 degrees for proofing or plate warming, and all the way up to 250 degrees.

Are warming drawers a needless frill or luxury? Not necessarily. In addition to the convenience, warming drawers can save time and energy. Customers might also choose a single oven and warming drawer to save money over the cost of a double oven recognizing that the second oven is oven used only to keep food warm.

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May 29, 2012
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