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Options for New Icemakers


Thinking about a New Ice Machine?

Do you have a need for an icemaker in your wet bar? Or maybe you've remodeled and feel that an icemaker would be a perfect addition in the rec room, family room, or basement. Whatever your situation, you'll need to make a fundamental decision between two basic icemaker types.

Two Types of Ice Machines

1 Standard Ice Machine

The first type of icemaker to think about would be one that's similar to the icemaker in your refrigerator. The icemaker itself is a small freezer, that will fit under a standard 36″ high counterop. Water flows into an ice tray, located in the icemaker where it freezes. The tray dumps the cubes into an ice bin where you can access them for your drinks. You need a water line and a standard 120v. hookup.

2 Clear Cube Ice Machine


An alternative to the ice machine described above as a standard ice maker, is an ice machine that produces clear ice cubes. These ice machines use a different process to produce ice.

Water continually passes over or is sprayed upward onto a cooling plate or mold which gradually freezes the water so that it sticks to the mold or plate. Contaminents and impurities in the water fall away. The ice machine then drops the crystal clear cubes into the ice bin. Some models also make nuggets and even softer, chewable cubes.


Clear cube icemakers do not have a freezer compartment to store the ice. Instead the ice in the bin melts as new ice is made to replace it. As a result, the clear ice cubes don't stick together making it easy to remove a few cubes or a lot, without having to hammer at a clump of cubes.

Because the ice cubes are continuously melting, clear ice cube makers need to be installed near a floor drain or next to a sink with a drain. In addition, these icemakers do need periodic cleaning.

You can find both types of icemakers in various brands at Universal Appliance and Kitchen Center. Here's some information regarding the model featured above from Scotsman, a leader in clear ice machines:

Scotsman DCE33A1SB

  • Gourmet Ice Cubes created by water being continually circulated by a pump that gently sprays water into inverted ice cube molds. Only the water is frozen, with the minerals and impurities flushed down the drain.
  • The result is crystal clear, odorless, taste-free gourmet ice cubes.
  • 15″ wide and can be easily built-in into any decor.
  • Available in Contemporary White, Black or Stainless Steel finishes.
  • Accepts Custom Wood Panels to match your decor on White and Black units only. Stainless Steel units do not accept custom panels.

Click on model number above for additional information available on the UAKC website.

    For more information on ice machines or other major appliances and plumbing fixtures contact the professionals at Universal Appliance and Kitchen Center.

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    September 28, 2015
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