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Duct-Free Downdraft Solves Ventilation Problems

Powerful cooktops require effective ventilation.

Jenn-Air Kitchen

Today's cooktops offer more powerful gas burners and electric elements than ever before. As a result of all that power, it's important to have good ventilation.

Few appliance manufacturers know more about ventilation than Jenn-Air. The founder of Jenn-Air, Louis Jenn, was a ventilation expert long before he entered the appliance business. Jenn-Air introduced the first self-ventilated cooktop in 1961, and recently has introduced an exclusive breakthrough duct-free downdraft.

Jenn-Air's selection of JX3™ downdraft cooktops are the most powerful downdraft units in the industry – AND – they have the most powerful blower to efficiently remove all the smoke and steam directly from the cooking surface. But that's not all.

Locating and installing ductwork for a ventilation system is often problematic. Not any more. Jenn-Air offers an accessory duct-free downdraft kit for its line of JX3™ electric and gas downdraft cooktops. There is no need to run ductwork outside so you can place your cooktop anywhere. You can easily install this cooktop and vent unit in an island over a concrete slab or in a high-rise apartment where there is no place to duct out.

The exclusive *Jenn-Air JX3™ duct-free downdraft accessory kit attaches to the blower on the cooktop's downdraft unit, and has a unique **high airflow particulate air filter (HAPA) that captures smoke, steam, and grease thus eliminating the need for outside venting.

JX3 Ductfree Accessory

JX3 Duct-Free Kit

The Jenn-Air JX3™ collection of cooktops consists of 6 different models. There is a 30″ center vent four burner gas model, as well as a 36″ five burner model with a 17,000 btu power burner, the most powerful burner in a downdraft cooktop. There are four electric downdraft models. There are two 30″ center vent four electric element downdraft models. They're identical except one has knobs and the other has electronic touch controls. Similarly, there are two 36″ electric cooktops, one with knobs and the other with electronic touch controls.

JED3536 Cooktop

JED3536 Jenn-Air Electric Cooktop

JGD3536 Gas Cooktop

JGD3536 Jenn-Air Gas Downdraft Cooktop

Other features that you might expect from a luxury brand such as Jenn-Air include continuous heavy-duty cast iron grates on the gas cooktops, and premium high-impact Schott Ceran® ceramic glass on the electric cooktops.

So whether you are:

  • installing a new downdraft cooktop and ducting it to the outside
  • replacing a downdraft cooktop and connecting to an existing outside vent
  • or needing a high performance cooktop, but don't have the ability to connect to outside venting

the Jenn-Air JX3™ downdraft collection is a great choice. For more help getting just the right product for your cooking needs contact the experts at Universal Appliance and Kitchen Center.

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*The Duct-Free Kit is designed to filter the air from the downdraft system and ventilate the conditioned air out into the room through the toe-kick area of the base cabinet. When you order a downdraft cooktop, please note the Jenn-Air® Duct-Free Kit is approved for use with JED3430, JED3536, JED4430, JED4536, JGD3430, and JGD3536 models.

**The Jenn-Air® Duct-Free Kit includes 1 duct-free filter. The filter comes with a pre-installed 6-month Timestrip® sensor, which will be visible after the filter is installed in the filter housing. The replacement filter number is W10177003.


October 24, 2012
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