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Cabinet Depth Refrigerators vs Full Depth Refrigerators

What are cabinet depth or counter depth refrigerators?

Cabinet-Depth Refrigerator

Cabinet-Depth Refrigerator

Appliance manufacturers may build similar freestanding refrigerators in both a full-depth version and a cabinet or counter-depth model. Most of the major brands such as Frigidaire, GE, Bosch, and Whirlpool offer cabinet depth models. Premium brands such as KitchenAid, Jenn-Air, GE Profile, and Electrolux also offer a wide selection of cabinet-depth refrigerators. Of course, all of them are available for you at Universal Appliance and Kitchen Center (UAKC), Southern California's premier appliance showrooms.

However, these refrigerators with a shallower depth will have less capacity and cost more than their full-depth counterparts. Why then have cabinet-depth refrigerators become so popular?

First let's examine what we mean when we describe a refrigerator as being cabinet depth. Cabinet depth refrigerators are refrigerators that have roughly the same depth as cabinets. Cabinets are normally 24 inches deep or a bit more if the cabinet door is not inset, and countertops are likely to extend an inch beyond the cabinet. Therefore, cabinet or counter-depth refrigerators are designed to fit within the surrounding cabinets so that they do not not protrude into the kitchen much beyond that 24″-25″.

In practice, counter-depth refrigerators are likely to measure around 24″ deep not counting the doors, and about 27″ including the door, but not the handle. They look good and fit well into a standard space, only sticking out a bit. In contrast, their big full-depth counterparts could easily extend into the kitchen aisle another 6 or 7 inches.

Therefore, customers often will chose the cabinet-depth refrigerator because it doesn't protrude into the kitchen. Refrigerators that stick out from the surrounding cabinets can difficult to navigate around, especially in a tight kitchen.

It's good to be armed with this information before hand when you are shopping for a freestanding refrigerator because it is sure to be one of the first issues you're going to be confronted with when making your choice. For more information on counter-depth refrigerators or other appliances and plumbing fixtures be sure to call or visit the professionals at Universal Appliance and Kitchen Center .

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March 05, 2014
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