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3 Appliances that keep your kitchen cool

Want to keep your kitchen cool this summer?

Try these appliances from Universal Appliance and Kitchen Center

Summer is here and hot kitchens are the norm. How can appliances help keep your kitchen cool? Take a look at three appliances that will do the job:

Maytag Double Oven Range


Maytag Gemini Range

The Maytag Gemini double oven range features a small oven over the main oven. The convenience of cooking meals in the smaller upper oven has the added benefit of not needing to heat up that big oven for a small meal. It will cook a pork tenderloin, roast a chicken, or even bake a lasagna. All in the same time or less than the big oven.

GE Advantium® Speed Cook Micro-Hood


GE Advantium

While microwave ovens cook quickly without heating up the kitchen, their performance can leave you cold. Breads and other baked products tend to dry out. Meats don't brown or carmelize. There is a new generation of “speed cook” appliances that combine microwave cooking with other methods to get the best of both worlds. GE's Advantium® system uses a combination of microwave power, halogen lights, and conventional elements to cook faster than a conventional oven, yet produce oven quality taste and texture that cannot be achieved with microwave alone.

The Advantium® is available as a micro-hood and a built-in oven; in both 120v and 240v versions. Understandably, the 120v Advantium® is not quite as speedy as the 240v version.

KitchenAid Built-In Speed Cook Microwave


KitchenAid SpeedCook

This built-in KitchenAid unit not only has the halogen, convection, microwave combination speed cooking, it also touts a special Optimawave™ inverter technology that provides true variable power levels providing superior defrost, melt, and soften functions. Add to that a unique steam feature, and you have a very complete appliance.

Like the Advantium®, KitchenAid's Speed Cook Microwave is available in both a built-in and micro-hood. The built-in model is a 240v unit, and the micro-hood operates on 120v.

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June 23, 2013
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