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Choosing a New Range

3 Fuel Types and 3 Types of Ranges

If you're building or remodeling and thinking about your new range, here are some options to consider.

Fuel Types

Before we look at the different style types, let's consider the different fuel types of ranges. Electric and gas ranges are the basic choices. Practically speaking, however, you may not have a choice. Some homes are total electric. Even if you have both gas and electric, you may not have a gas stub or 220v electrical service near your range location which will limit you to one or the other unless you choose to pay to have a gas or electric line brought in. An option that is becoming increasingly popular is Dual-fuel. Dual-fuel ranges have gas cooking surfaces and electric ovens.

Types of Ranges

Freestanding Range

Maytag Range

Maytag Double Oven Range

A freestanding range often has controls and/or clock located on a back panel that rises above the surface of the range. It also has finished side panels that allow it to be installed at the end of a cabinet run. The above Maytag freestanding range has two ovens, a configuration that is growing in popularity.

Slide-in Range

GE Slide-in Range

GE Slide-in Range

Slide-in ranges have controls in the front, no back panel, and have a lip on the top which slides over the adjacent cabinet countertop on each side of the range. This gives the unit a built-in look. Slide-in ranges typically have unfinished sides.

Drop-in Range

GE Drop-In Range

GE Drop-In Range

Think of a Drop-in range as a slide-in range that is cut off at the bottom. A true “built-in” the drop in range has a cooking service and and oven, and it “drops-in” to the cabinet below (see picture).

Range Sizes

The most common size for a range is 30 inches wide. However, there are some freestanding ranges that come in 20 inch and 24 inch configurations. GE still makes a 27 inch wide drop-in range which is unique to the GE brand. Professional style ranges are available in 36, 48, and even 60 inch widths in some brands. Some of the professional ranges are also much deeper than normal and stick out quite a bit from the standard 24″ cabinet depth.

If all of this has your head spinning, do not despair. Help is available. Universal Appliance and Kitchen Center (UAKC) has trained professionals who will help guide you through the range selection process. Call or visit the experts at UAKC today:

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June 06, 2013
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