A dishwasher is a must-have appliance if you want to add convenience and reduce stress in your kitchen. While built-in dishwashers are the most common option, they can take up too much space in small homes or apartments. If you’re looking for a convenient, space-saving solution to your dishwashing needs, consider a portable dishwasher.

Portable dishwashers are a great choice for smaller spaces, and offer more power and washer capacity than a countertop dishwasher. These standalone units attach to your sink through a hose to draw water for the wash cycle, and are typically built on rollers for easy movement. You can store your portable dishwasher in a closet or pantry, or keep it in the corner of your kitchen, and easily roll it over to your sink to wash dishes. Best of all, many portable dishwashers can wash just as many dishes as a built-in dishwasher, providing exceptional capabilities in a convenient package. And with a wealth of styles, sizes, and designs available, you’re bound to find a great dishwasher that matches your kitchen’s aesthetic.

Universal Appliance and Kitchen Center offers a vast variety of the best portable dishwashers from great manufacturers, helping you find the perfect addition to your kitchen.

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