Founded in Japan in 1917, TOTO has a 100-year history of bringing innovation and efficiency to your bathroom. Throughout those years, TOTO has been an innovator in bathroom technology and design.

TOTO specializes in bathroom fixtures, manufacturing faucets, lavatories, and toilets as well as showerheads, baths, bidets, and more.

TOTO aims to design simple, brilliant, and elegant solutions to all your bathroom needs. The company’s intuitive designs look great while featuring powerful engineering to improve performance in your bathroom. TOTO puts its focus in people-centered design, creating products aimed to make your life easier. The company also boasts a strong dedication to sustainability, with bathroom fixtures that use less water and power than many competitors. Thanks to ongoing research and development, TOTO can consistently provide new products that anticipate the needs of the future. With a host of styles, designs, and sizes available for nearly all its products, TOTO offers a great selection that can meet your needs.

For intuitive bathroom fixtures with simple yet powerful designs, consider TOTO. Universal Appliance and Kitchen Center is proud to supply you with a variety of TOTO products, helping you find the perfect choice for all your needs. Be sure to browse our selection of decorative plumbing hardware today.