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Top 6 Features of Hestan’s New Outdoor Residential Professional Range

Top 6 Features of Hestan’s New Residential Outdoor Professional Range

Hestan has long been recognized as a brand that reimagined the restaurant kitchen. In later years, the manufacturer went on to create a line of well received, premium outdoor residential grills. What the company was missing was a line of indoor appliances. This summer, Hestan will continue to make their mark on the industry and please chefs everywhere with the release of their entire indoor collection. Among the collection, Hestan’s indoor professional range looks particularly exciting. Below are the top five features of this promising kitchen appliance.

  1. The CircuFlame Power Burner

The CircuFlame Power Burner comes in at number one because of its sheer power. The burner generates an astounding 30,000 BTUs. This feature alone puts Hestan’s commercial kitchen roots on full display. Imagine if necessary, wielding the abilities of a restaurant kitchen, but inside of the home. The CircuFlame Power Burner is the most powerful burner available in the residential market.

  1. Precision Sealed Burner System

As impressive as this is… power definitely isn’t everything. While the Hestan boasts 30,000 BTUs, never before seen on a residential range, it also smartly delivers the lowest simmer setting. This feature is especially ideal for delicate sauces. Simmer Flame Capability is made possible by Hestan’s precision sealed burner system. The system maintains continuous gentle temperatures without flickering.

  1. Marquise Display iTouch Control

Innovation has been a mainstay of the Hestan brand. This is seen on the residential range with the Marquise Display iTouch Control. It’s a sleek, technological innovation to the appliance. Aesthetically, the display adds an even more modern and clean look to the product. The digital display is touch control. The device has been elegantly embedded in the handle. This feature is yet another chef friendly, industry first.

  1. Soft-Close Oven Door

The soft-close oven door never slams shut on the range. It’s shock absorbing, and features assisted closing, ensuring maximum heat insulation. The range oven door also includes extra wide glass, giving a chef more space to view his burgeoning meals inside.

  1. Backlit Control Knobs

Along with the Marquise Display, the Backlit Control Knobs seem to add another element of style to the range. The control knobs are highlighted by a unique and elegant lighting enhancement. It showcases visibility and style. This feature is actually shared with other products in the Hestan suite as well.

  1. Colors

Some indoor ranges may not visually mix well with your home when it comes to the décor. However, Hestan offers a wide array of color options that can blend seamlessly with any home’s interior design – 12 in total! The choices include sophisticated shades of yellow, orange, red, blue, green, white, and of course, the classic stainless steel. Hestan gives you the opportunity to get creative and make custom overlays on refrigerators and freezers. All Hestan finishes are powder coated, safeguarding their promise of reliability. Powder coated finishes help with the durability of the appliance. This makes the appliances more resistant to chemicals, moisture, impact, scratches, abrasions and other wear issues.

Hestan continues to push the envelope when it comes their appliances. These features showcase Hestan’s power, innovation and reliability. A common mantra for Hestan has been, “build with purpose.” This rule was featured prominently in their commercial kitchen appliances with the straightforward and meticulous approach to their products. And now it looks to have transferred to their indoor suite.

Do the features on Hestan’s New Residential Professional Range have you motivated to make a purchase for your home? If you’re thinking of closing in on a range to buy, be sure to contact a home appliance expert.

April 02, 2018
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