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Taking a Look at Different Refrigerator Door Types

Taking a Look at Different Refrigerator Door Types

No modern kitchen would be complete without a hard working refrigerator to keep food and drinks cool and fresh. Every household and kitchen is different, and this will have a major effect on how the refrigerator is placed and the size that can be used. Another critical consideration is access to the refrigerator, how much space is there and how will the doors work in your kitchen? Answering these questions is determined, to a certain extent, by the available space, how you use the kitchen and your available budget. Let’s take a closer look at some of the common refrigerator door styles that you may encounter when shopping for your next refrigerator.

The Top Freezer Fridge

This is a very common type of refrigerator that is seen in many homes because it’s an economical choice. If you have basic needs and require a little extra space for a small freezer compartment, this could be an ideal option. There are a couple of critical disadvantages to bear in mind before making a final decision. Firstly, it will be necessary for you to bend to access the fridge section, and this may be a bad option for those with mobility or bad back issues. Secondly, smaller people or children may have a problem reaching the freezer compartment without a step.

The Bottom Freezer Fridge

This refrigerator has a freezer door located at the bottom, basically the opposite of the one above. These refrigerators are still a popular choice, and many people prefer to have their fridge sections at a more comfortable height. Many of these models also have slide out drawers that can really help you to organize your fridge space. These types of refrigerators are still a very affordable choice, but you will need to bend to access the freezer.

The Side-by-Side

This type of refrigerator is split down the middle, as the name suggests, with side-by- side doors. This is a very popular refrigerator style because of its convenience and extra features. There is usually more space available on the fridge side, and the freezer section may have useful shelving units in the door. Many side-by-side models also have water and ice dispensers to make cold drinks. These refrigerators are a great fit for homes with a narrower kitchen because the door clearance area is significantly less than a more traditional refrigerator.

The French Door

This refrigerator door style offers a great deal of versatility, and these models often have many fancy features available. The convenience of a bottom freezer is combined with the flexibility seen in the side by side design. This is an excellent refrigerator for larger kitchens where there is plenty of space to work with. There will be multiple freezer drawers and a refrigerator that can be accessed by a double door. This style is excellent for people with mobility issues as the refrigeration compartment is located at eye level. Of course, all this extra space and functionality comes at a premium and these models will be more expensive to buy. For those with the space and budget, these refrigerators will provide plenty of space, a beautiful touch of style and even some added energy saving benefits.

The right refrigerator can make a massive impact on the functionality of your kitchen, so it is well worth considering which refrigerator door type would work best in your particular kitchen. Choosing the right style of refrigerator will help improve your kitchen flow and complement the aesthetics of the room to enhance your personal style.

If you’re considering a new refrigerator for your kitchen, you can explore your options with this online refrigerator collection or seek expert help and guidance from a kitchen appliance specialist.

August 27, 2018
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