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Must Have Features to Look for on Your New Refrigerator

Must Have Features to Look for on Your New Refrigerator

Modern refrigerators have evolved to be more than just somewhere to keep your produce cool. Today’s appliances aim to aid convenient and healthy living, with some fantastic time-saving features. This does mean that you need to know what features you need in your new refrigerator. So, here we’ll explore some must have features you should look for on your new refrigerator.

Adjustable Shelves

Tempered glass shelves are considered to the standard in refrigerators, but it is also crucial that they are adjustable. Tempered glass is designed to be strong, durable and safe, but to maximize space and make cleaning more manageable, the shelves should be flexible. Adjustable shelves allow you to tailor your new refrigerator to your specific needs, so you can have plenty of space to keep all your chilled items organized.

Energy Star Compliance

Energy efficient appliances can provide savings of approximately 10 percent on energy bills each year. Only the most efficient models qualify for Energy Star ratings, so it is essential to look for the Energy Star sticker. While you may pay a little more initially, you can not only reduce your energy bills, but also passively reduce your environmental footprint.

Counter Depth

Counter depth appliances have been around for decades, but this feature is often overlooked. By choosing a counter depth refrigerator, you can achieve a more custom, built-in look. A counter depth refrigerator can add sleek lines to any style of kitchen, but are particularly effective for contemporary kitchens where clean lines are important to the aesthetic.

4 or 5 Door Models

A refrigerator with 4 or 5 doors provides more options for temperature control and adjustable storage. This creates optimal conditions for food safety as you can tailor your refrigerator to suit its contents. With 4 or 5 doors, you can create colder sections for meat and dairy with cool sections for your produce and chilled drinks. This will allow you to prolong the lifespan of your perishable items and save on food waste.

Ice Functions

While many refrigerator models now have an ability to produce ice, there are some refrigerators that have even greater ice functions. For example, some models have a quick ice function that speeds up production by approximately 50%. This is a very handy feature if you’re entertaining or planning a big family barbecue, where you’ll need plenty of chilled drinks.

In Built Entertainment

Finally, this is a fairly new feature, but you can watch television while you cook with in-built entertainment. Some refrigerator models feature sleek and clear television screens, so there is no need to tie up countertop space with a portable model. This takes cooking along with a program to a whole new level.

Choosing Your New Refrigerator

Although it is easy to become carried away by the amazing plethora of features available on new refrigerators, there are some essential considerations before you make your final purchase decision. It is vital that you check the space you have available in your kitchen. Remember if you have a modest kitchen, some of the features that are exclusively available on large refrigerators will be out of your reach. You also need to think about your budget and which features are really important to you and your family. Finally, you need to think about the aesthetics of the refrigerator. Modern refrigerators are available in a wide selection of styles, colors, and designs, so you can choose a statement piece that will showcase your flair or a more discreet unit that will allow your cabinets to be showcased.

If you are considering a new refrigerator, you can explore your options with this online collection, or speak to a home appliance expert for a more specialized service.

August 14, 2018
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