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Make Holiday Decorations Easier

Seasonal Decorating Throughout the Year

When spring has sprung, that doesn’t mean you should haul out the Easter decorations. Same thing is true for taking down Halloween decorations on Nov. 1st only to feel compelled to bring out the Thanksgiving themed displays on Nov. 2nd.

There’s a better way. Rather than worrying about decorating for the next occurring holiday, just think in terms of seasonal accents throughout the year that can be supplemented by Easter Bunnies, Ghosts and Goblins, Pilgrims with Turkeys, and Santa Claus without jumping ahead of the season.

For example, winter suggests bringing out the heavy comforter, perhaps some red table napkins, and even a tasteful wreath. Those window stick-on snowflakes will also add to the seasonal feeling.


This is all without a single Santa, or a premature Christmas tree. The nice thing about decorating for the season is that when it DOES become time to bring in the “official” Christmas decorations, you’ve got some of the work already done. AND when you take down the Christmas decorations, you can leave your winter-themed items in place.

When Spring springs switch the heavy comforter for a light throw. Spring flowers real or scented silk floral arrangements can set the tone. The heavier, darker colors and fabrics you used for winter accents can be replaced with the fresher, lighter greens and yellows of spring. Again, the Easter eggs and the bunnies come later.

Supplement the examples above with your own ideas. Using seasonal accents in your home can provide a nice lead in to the holidays and save you some work during those busy holiday periods.

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December 15, 2014
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