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A Simple Guide to Upgrading Your Kitchen Appliances

A Simple Guide to Upgrading Your Kitchen Appliances

Kitchen appliances are an integral element of any kitchen design. These home staples will be used regularly and need to be purchased with serious thought. This can make the process of upgrading kitchen appliances a little daunting for many consumers, so here we will explore this topic further with this simple guide.

Assess Your Needs

Replacing your kitchen appliances is the ideal opportunity to upgrade. Do you find your old stove frustrating as you can’t cook a full Thanksgiving meal? Is your icebox too small? Do you struggle to fill a standard dishwasher cycle? There are so many options for new appliances and you will be able to find the ones that perfectly suit your needs. Unless you plan on changing your cabinets, you will be restricted to the existing space in your kitchen, but many newer appliances can retain a standard size, yet allow greater functionality. For example, there are now standard 24” size dishwashers that have a 14, 15 or even 16 place setting capacity. Once you know what you need from your new appliances, you will be able to shop more effectively.

Think About Bundling

Bundling appliances can make a significant difference to the costs involved in upgrading. Therefore, it is a good idea to look at buying more than one appliance from the same retailer in one purchase. If you are thinking about replacing a single appliance, try to anticipate your imminent future needs to make some savings with bundling.
Bundling can also help to ensure that your appliances share a similar aesthetic. If you are purchasing multiple appliances at the same time, you can ensure that they have a similar look.

Look for Manufacturer Rebates

Some manufacturers offer some great deals on appliance rebates. Manufacturer rebates can provide instant cost-cutting savings or a nice check in the mail if you buy specific models within a particular time frame. It is worth asking if there are any current deals or manufacturer rebates available when you are assessing the available options.

Plan the Timing of Your Purchase

Starting in January and typically running until early spring, tax-time sales can offer consumers a fantastic opportunity for savings. These sales events usually occur each year to coordinate with the timing of shoppers getting back their tax return. Coincidentally, this timing is usually when the manufacturers start releasing new models, so there are often price drops on hold-over units.

Don’t Just Assess Cost

While budget is an important issue for any major purchase, it shouldn’t be your only consideration. It is vital to look beyond the price tag to what each appliance can offer. Functionality is an essential element of kitchen appliances, and you may regret saving a few dollars if your new appliance lacks some crucial features. You should also bear in mind that energy efficient kitchen appliances tend to be a little more costly, but this can easily be recouped in the savings on utility bills over the years of use.

Buying new kitchen appliances can be a little daunting, but with a little care and thought, it is fairly easy to find the ideal choice for your kitchen. It is well worth doing a little research before you start shopping, so you can ensure that you choose the models and deals best suited to your unique requirements, rather than just costing a certain amount.

No kitchen is complete without appliances, but choosing the right appliances need not be difficult. There are a variety of options to ensure that your new kitchen appliances meet your needs and enhance the efficiency of your home. You can consult this online collection of kitchen appliances to explore a variety of excellent products or contact a home appliance specialist for further assistance.

February 12, 2018
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