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When it starts warming up consider a cool wine


Rose' for the season

Rosé is our choice when warm weather looms

What is rosé? Quite simply, rosé is a wine that has the some of the color of the grape skin, but not enough to be a red wine. The grape skins are left in the “juice” until the rosé blush is obtained. Though it does happen, it's considered cheating to mix white and red wine to produce rosé. In fact, by law, French Rosé wine cannot be made by merely mixing white and red. There is a surprising variety in rosé wines ranging from a very pale pink, to bordering on red, and even an orange color.

Even if you both like red, or both like white, Memorial Day is a great opportunity to step out and try something different. As an FYI, in the U.S. we drink a bit more red than white wine. In France, they not only drink considerably more red wine than white, but white wine is not even in second place. The French drink more rosé wine than white wine, and of course, they drink a lot of champagne

My favorite among the rosés is sparkling rosé, especially on special occasions. Here's a reasonably priced sparkling rose' from Total Wine:

St Reine Rose


France – This pink rose has fine and delicate bubbles. Pale rose in color with a medium-body. The creamy texture has a palate full of red fruit flavors. Perfect with most foods or used to toast.

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May 23, 2017
Food and Wine
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