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Buying Appliances on Memorial Day

Why Buy Appliances on Memorial Day

Best Overall Memorial Deals at UAKC

I've been around the appliance industry for nearly 40 years. During that time I've had a variety of jobs in sales and marketing with distributors and manufacturers. Along the way, I've taught marketing classes to both undergraduate and MBA students.

One area that marketers study is consumer demand. We know, for example, that each year there is a finite number of appliances sold. Annual appliance sales are determined by factors such as new home sales, household creations, appliance replacement cycles (lifespans), new appliance innovations eg. microwave ovens, and household incomes.

However, holiday appliance sales, do not fit this rational model. Buying an appliance because you have a 3 day weekend is not rational. Or so, I thought. Study after study, shows that appliance sales dramatically spike during holidays. In fact, one of the biggest appliance sales weekends of the year is coming up. Memorial Day.

It's not because people get married, have kids, or get raises on holiday weekends that appliance sales spike. It's certainly not because appliances tend to break down on holidays. It's because manufacturers and big retailers promote heavily with big discounts centered around holidays. Consumers like to save money. Voilà! Lot's of appliances get sold during the Memorial Day holiday period.

Here are examples of two great deals available at Universal Appliance and Kitchen Center during the 2017 Memorial Day Sale. click on photos below for details

GE Sale Rebate
Whirlpool Rebate

You may have heard the story of the youngster who asked the old fisherman why he chose to fish at a particular spot. The old man simply replied, “Because that's where the fish are.” Well, the reason you should think about buying new appliances during the Memorial Day period is because that's when the Sale is. Don't miss out! Call or visit the experts at Universal Appliance and Kitchen Center today.

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May 21, 2017
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