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Robern at KBIS 2016


Best of KBIS 2016 for Robern

Who is Robern?

Here is Robern's story in their own words:

Our mission to craft an array of vanities, cabinets, mirrors and lighting options that are beyond the expected. Beyond the day-to-day. By fusing unparalleled beauty with innovative functionality, our products transform a bathroom into a statement of breathtaking style and sophistication.

At Universal Appliance and Kitchen Center Robern is a customer go-to choice for remodels and new builds of baths and lavs. High quality, great looks, and the most desirable features to finish your new bath are trademarks of the Robern brand. Below are a few examples from the Robern collection:

Best of KBIS 2016 Silver Winner

Robern Vanity

Robern Balletto Vanity

The Balletto vanity captures the legs and pointe work of a ballerina and translates that grace and precision into the legs of the vanity. This translation creates balance, symmetry and sophistication. With side storage on both sides of the vanity, little odds and ends such as makeup, razors, hairbrushes, hand towels and tissue boxes can reduce the amount of clutter in a bathroom. With thirteen colors and three leg finishes to choose from, this everyday classic embraces statement-making design.

Here is just one Robern customer comment from a selection of positive online reviews:

We installed a Robern Uplift into our new bathroom. It has the defogger, nightlight, and six outlets. Love the defogger because I like getting ready(moisturizer, makeup, etc…) the moment I get out of the shower.

See what a difference a great mirror can make:

Candre Mirrors
Offering striking depth with a combination of reflective colored glass and polished metal surfaces.

Just a small sample of the many Robern producsts at Universal Appliance and Kitchen Center. For more information on kitchen and bath fixture and accessories, and major appliances call or visit the experts at UAKC today.

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February 15, 2016
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