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New Appliances At 2016 CES


What's New in Appliances at CES

Oddly, CES (the Consumer Electronics Show) has become THE place for several appliance manufacturers to show their latest innovations. It's odd, since the rest of the appliance industry seems to have settled on the joint IBS (International Builders Show) /KBIS (Kitchen and Bath Industry Show) to display their wares. The IBS/KBIS show is to be held near the end of January also in Las Vegas.


This year's CES hosted appliance manufacturers showing refrigerators with touch screens, fridges that revealed their contents with a knock on the door, and a refrigerator that claims to have re-invented ways to organize your refrigerator. Not to mention an interesting update on a washing machine within a washing machine that was launched at last year's CES.

Knock on the door of this refrigerator

The “smart” refrigerator from LG is loaded with high tech features, but the most interesting feature requires a manual knock on the door which activates a lighting system that reveals the contents inside the fridge.

Washer Washer Dryer

In 2015, LG first launched this washer within a washer, eg. a full-sized washer with a mini washer in a bottom compartment. This year, it appears that the full-sized washer has been converted to a combo full-sized washer/dryer still with mini washer at the bottom.

Easy to Organize French Door Refrigerator

French Door refrigerators have become so popular partly because of the ease of seeing and arranging the contents. In this new CES award winning refrigerator from Whirlpool, redesigned lighting, shelves and compartments as well as its smartphone connection seem to offer sensible, practical approach to high-tech.

Touch Screen Refrigerator – Again

There's nothing new about refrigerators with TV's on the front, but this Samsung does have some extra touches including a camera that takes a picture of its contents that you can view remotely from your phone. The touch screen on the refrigerator not only streams music to sooth your nerves, it allows you to order groceries while examining its contents.

While it might be a little while before some of these Jetson-like models hit the market, you can rest assured that the best appliances and plumbing fixtures available now to suit your needs are available at the two Universal Appliance and Kitchen Center locations below.

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January 10, 2016
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