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Navigating Through Appliance Rebates

UAKC Can Help You Save Money

Saving Money on Appliances with Rebates or Freebies

Whether it's just a basic washing machine or a full suite of luxury appliances, everybody wants to save money when buying major appliances. Here are some tips on how to save the most money when you purchase home appliances:

  1. Research appliance manufacturer offers. Do your homework. Find out what saving offers are out there. I just reviewed the Universal Appliance and Kitchen Center rebate page and discovered that there were nearly 50 separate manufacturer offers listed. Review them by clicking on this link:


  2. Plan (group) your purchases. The more you buy, the more you save. This has never been more true than in the last few years as manufacturers have jumped on the package purchase bandwagon.

  3. Focus on a single brand if possible. Some customers prefer to follow a “best of breed” strategy. Looking for what they perceive to be the “best” refrigerator brand, then moving to the “best” cooking brand, “best” dishwasher brand, etc. While this seems to make sense on the surface, it's also a strategy to pay the most in each category, and lose any savings opportunity from making a single brand decision.

Here are some of the savings opportunities available to you:

Appliance Rebates

are the most common offer among appliance companies to encourage your purchase. They offer a dollar amount, usually in the form of a prepaid debit card, when a consumer purchases a specified number of the manufacturer's appliances.


Free Appliance offers

can sometimes be even a bigger savings than a cash rebate. Buy a range, and get a free vent hood. Thermador's 1-2-FREE offer has been a popular promotion for years. It's a very flexible offer, if you buy a cooktop and oven (or a specific Thermador range) you get a free dishwasher.


Free ancillary goods

are a great value, because they never seem to be “factored” into the price of the appliance. These offers might be something like free cookware to go with an induction cooktop purchase, or accessory products such as a free rotisserie to go with a grill, etc.

Installation Rebates

can really help buyers. After paying a lot of money for a new appliance, getting some help on the installation costs is a welcome benefit.

One manufacturer offer includes a “fit” promise. If you're new oven doesn't fit in the space of the old one, a manufacturer will help pay for the remodeling to make it fit. Finally, one manufacturer offers an extended warranty for your purchase of a specific appliance package.

To get the best deal on appliances review the rebate offers above and call or visit the experts from Universal Appliance and Kitchen Center today.

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September 30, 2016
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