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4 Cool Refrigerator Placement Options for Your Kitchen

4 Cool Refrigerator Placement Options for Your Kitchen

Any good kitchen remodel should include placement ideas that work well together to make the entire space efficient and easy to use. Due to its size and bulky nature, it can be tricky to place the refrigerator in the areas where you want it to reside. For this reason, the refrigerator is often forced into the corner, which can be a clumsy compromise at best. But, the layout and size of your kitchen can play a huge part in the decision for a final location for your refrigerator. In this article, we will look at four cool refrigerator placement options for your kitchen remodel.

1.  The Default Corner Placement

Let’s start with the most common refrigerator placement that we tend to see in pretty much every kitchen. The most obvious reason for this placement is that you want to avoid impeding movement when the refrigerator doors are open. Another consideration is that a refrigerator tucked in the corner won’t attract attention away from more desirable features. The first concern is valid, but depending on the layout of your kitchen it may be possible to allow access without creating an obstacle. The second problem can be solved if you invest in a refrigerator with a more attractive aesthetic appeal in-line with the rest of the space. Alternatively, you can conceal the refrigerator with clever cabinetry solutions to make the space more uniform and consistent.

2.  Pantry Placement Considerations

When you’re thinking about the placement of your refrigerator, it’s a good idea to consider the location of your pantry too. After all, when you think about returning from the grocery store there is a lot of sorting and organizing involved. Food items must be placed in various locations and you can make the process more efficient if they are located in proximity to one another. If your refrigerator and pantry are located at opposite ends of the kitchen it can be a real annoyance when you’re putting the food into storage. Another key consideration is that most meals will require food items from your pantry and refrigerator. If you cannot get what you need within easy reach, it can make the cooking process less enjoyable and lengthen the preparation times.

3.  Put Tall Items Together

The refrigerator is usually the tallest item found in a kitchen and it makes good sense to locate it next to other tall items. Some prime examples include: floor to ceiling cabinets and wall mounted ovens. When taller items are located in close proximity they look like built-in units which can be very pleasing to the eye. Another key consideration is that you can free up a lot of countertop space near the oven and refrigerator.

4.  Small Kitchen Refrigerator Placement

During the planning of a smaller kitchen remodel, the placement of a refrigerator is even more critical. After all, this is probably the largest appliance, space will be at a premium and there will be less space when the doors are opened. The last thing you need is a refrigerator that blocks a walkway or a window that may be your only source of natural light. So, you need to try and find some way to keep the refrigerator out of the way and yet have convenient access at all times. Due to the space constraints, this may be a typical corner placement or you may want to consider a smaller refrigerator. Installing a counter depth refrigerator or a freezer with drawers under the counter can be a real space saver in a compact kitchen.

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October 21, 2021
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