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You deserve to have a beautiful, clean kitchen, and a great range hood can help make that dream a reality. Range hoods are installed above your cooking range or cooktop and use a fan system to ventilate all the smoke, steam, grease, and airborne irritants created while you cook out of your kitchen, ensuring the air stays fresh and helping your appliances and walls stay clean. For exceptional quality range hoods, consider Windster Hoods.

Since 2003, Windster has been manufacturing reliable range hoods admired for their technological innovations. Windster produces a variety of range hoods including under cabinet hoods, island hoods, cabinet insert hoods, and wall mount hoods.

Windster takes pride manufacturing range hoods that are safe and easy to use while still offering the powerful functions you need. Your Windster provides the power you need when combating harmful airborne irritants. Windster range hoods also look great in your kitchen, with clean and modern designs that help them adapt to almost any setting. With a range of sizes, styles, and designs available for every hood, you’re bound to find the perfect solution to your kitchen ventilation needs.

For a great range hood, be sure to consider Windster. Universal Appliance and Kitchen Center boasts a great selection of Windster Hoods range hoods, providing the perfect choice for your home. Be sure to browse our vast variety of range hoods and cooking appliances today.