Insulated Jacket for Single Side Burner

CJAKTC1SB | 31150

Insulated Jacket Features:

  • Completely constructed with 304 stainless steel for exceptional durability
  • Ensures safety and performance for burners that are installed in islands that include combustible surfaces

Available for the following products:

  • Coyote C1SB Side Burner (Insulated Jacket Model: CJAKTC1SB)
  • Coyote C1DB Side Burner (Insulated Jacket Model: CJAKTC1DB)
  • Coyote C1PB Power Burner (Insulated Jacket Model: CJAKTC1PB)

Quick Specs

Single Side Burners
Side Burners
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Install Guide for C1DB
Install Guide for C1SB
Install Guide for C1PB