PW 6065 Plus EL LP Front-loading washing machine with the shortest cycle of 49 minutes, model with drain pump.

PW6065WH | 178052

Efficient hot water connection

Connection to a hot water supply enables excellent savings in time and energy with minimal effort.

Precise automatic load recognition

Water and energy consumption are automatically adjusted for the load size.

Large capacity

Miele Professional washing machines have a large capacity drum and so can accommodate large loads of laundry.

Low consumption values

Economical and efficient: Miele Professional commercial laundry appliances impress with low consumption values.


Patented honeycomb drum *

The sculptured structure of the Miele honeycomb drum allows garments to glide gently on a thin film of water.


Short program cycles

Premium commercial technology allows you to benefit from the shortest program cycles.

Interval spinning

This process prevents the formation of water pockets in waterproof fabric.

Imbalance monitoring

Electronic imbalance monitoring guarantees perfect spinning results and quiet, smooth running.

Precisely controlled water consumption

The flow meter monitors the volume of water intake precisely for maximum efficiency.

High spin efficiency = short drying times

High spin speeds result in low residual moisture for an optimum drying process.


Sophisticated asynchronous motor

Sophisticated asynchronous frequency-controlled motor facilitates maximum performance and durability.

Patented AutoClean detergent drawer *

Always clean: The AutoClean detergent drawer is self-cleaning.

Powerful heater elements

The washing machines are equipped with powerful heater elements for heating water quickly.

Excellent durability

The professional technology ensures excellent reliability and durability for daily work routine,


Safe disinfection

Special disinfection programs which, others according to the Robert Koch Institute, ensure reliable Filtration.

High temperature consistency

For reliable cleaning results and maximum Filtration, the temperature of washing water is monitored constantly.


Delay start up to 24 hours

The program start time can be pre-set up to 24 hours in advance for efficient planning.

Countdown indicator

After the program has started, the display shows the cycle time remaining.

User instructions in a variety of languages

Avoids operating errors: All instructions and processes can be displayed in a variety of languages.

Drum lighting

No laundry item is overlooked when unloading thanks to the perfectly lit honeycomb drum.

A wide range of accessories *

Consistently perfect work processes and efficiency - with a large selection of practical accessories.

Washer-dryer stack

Viel Leistung auf kleinstem Platz: Installation as washer-dryer stack requires less than 0.5 ft floor space.

Programmable controls

Whenever needed: Programmable controls enable perfect adaptation to suit individual requirements.

Quick Specs

Front Load Washer
  • drum volume 2.08 (59) gal, load capacity 15 (6.5) lbs
  • large program variety - application-specific wash programs
  • gentle laundry care thanks to the miele honeycomb drum patented honeycomb drum * the sculptured structure of the miele honeycomb drum allows garments to glide gently on a thin film of water.
  • particularly efficient - low water and energy consumption low consumption values economical and efficient: miele professional commercial laundry appliances impress with low consumption values.
  • perfect spinning results - residual moisture 47 % , g-factor 526 residual moisture specification relates to a hot rinse during the last rinse cycle.
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