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Your home requires a great washing machine, and there are plenty of washer styles to choose from. Top load washers, portable washers, and high efficiency top load washers are all great choices. But for fast spin cycles and overall energy efficiency, consider a front load washer.

Front load washers are loaded and unloaded through a door on the front of the machine. Compared to the traditional top load design, this design offers more space in the machine. Front load machines also use less water than most top load washers, making them more energy efficient. And using less water means you’ll save money.

Front load washers use fast spin cycles, which means your clothes are less wet coming out and do not need to be in the dryer as long. Most front load washers offer a wide variety of spin cycles and wash settings, providing the versatility you need to wash any type of clothing. If fast spin cycles, energy efficiency, and value are your top concerns, a front load washer is the perfect choice.

Universal Appliance and Kitchen Center is here for all your laundry needs. We offer a wide range of the best front load washers from top brands including Miele and more, helping you find the perfect addition to your laundry room.

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  • Width: 23.5"
  • Height: 33.3"
  • Depth: 25.5"
  • Width: 23.5"
  • Height: 33.3"
  • Depth: 25.3"