Laundry Pedestals

Front-load washers and dryers offer fast spin cycles and large bin space, but it can be tough to load and unload your clothes. You have to bend down to the door of the machine, straining your back as you do your laundry. For easier access to your front load washer or dryer, consider investing in a laundry pedestal.

A laundry pedestal is the perfect accessory if you want to raise your washer or dryer. These pedestals are designed to raise front-load washers and dryers, providing easier access to the washer or dryer bin. Most laundry pedestals will raise your appliance by 12 to 16 inches, meaning you won’t have to bend down to load and unload your clothes. As an added bonus, most laundry pedestals feature a large drawer for storage. You can keep bleach, laundry detergent, fabric softener, dryer sheets, and more in the pedestal, helping your laundry space stay organized.

You can trust Universal Appliance and Kitchen Center for all your laundry needs. We offer a great selection of the best laundry pedestals from trusted manufacturers, helping you find the perfect addition to your laundry room. Be sure to browse our wide variety of laundry accessories and laundry appliances today.

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  • Width: 29.0"
  • Height: 14.1"
  • Depth: 30.9"