Water Dispenser Units

Are you sure your home’s water is safe to drink? Even a seemingly clean glass of tap water can be filled with harmful bacteria, putting you and your family at risk of illness. To ensure you have fresh and clean water, consider investing in a water dispenser or water filtering unit.

Water filtration units remove bacteria from your home’s water supply, making it safer for consumption. You don’t want to get sick from drinking tap water, and a filtration system will provide you with significantly cleaner drinking water. You can also find a host of different faucets to provide you with fresh tap water. With so many options available, you can find a different faucet for every sink in your house.

If you don’t enjoy tap water, or don’t want to install a filtration system, you can also add a water dispenser to your home. Dispensers provide convenient access to clean water, with both cold and hot water available at the touch of a button. Water dispensers are also the perfect addition to your office.

Universal Appliance and Kitchen Center is ready to meet all of your water dispenser and water filtration needs. We offer a host of the best water filtering units and water dispensers from great brands, ensuring your home has access to fresh and clean water.

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